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Language of the senses (EN)

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Language of the senses is about the influence of language and culture on sensory perceptions. How do you describe what you see, feel, taste or smell? In some cultures there are many different words for color, in other cultures very few. Are we born with these different color groups? And does the way you talk about something also determine what you perceive?

This chapter is based on a project designed by a project team in which researchers from Radboud University collaborated with primary schools and the WKRU. The project team ‘Language of the senses’ worked together during the school year 2015-2016 and consisted of the following people:

Researchers Radboud University 
Asifa Majid, Patricia Manko en Josje de Valk.

Primary schools
De Peppels en De Canadas, Boxmeer: Katinka van Kempen, Marleen Nieuwhart en Maartje Poos.
De Troubadour, Elden: Rachel de Hair, Petra Laport, Kim van Zeben en Wilma Nefkens. 


A number of activities have been developed for the theme Language of the senses. The activities are concrete and detailed, so that they are easy to carry out in the classroom. Below you can find what activities there are and you can immediately download the materials you need for this activity.

Introductieactiviteit: Touch, smell, taste

Activiteit 1: Taste and talk

Activiteit 2: Describing touch

Activiteit 3: Describing smell

Activiteit 4: Describing sight

Activiteit 5: Thick or low tones?

Activiteit 6: Animal dialect

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