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The Higgs boson (EN)

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The Higgs boson is about the discovery of the Higgs boson: the particle that causes things to have weight. In this chapter, you'll find out how to discover a particle if you can't see it with a microscope. So what do we know about the Higgs boson?

This chapter is based on a project designed by a project team in which researchers from Radboud University collaborated with primary schools and the WKRU. The project team ‘The Higgs boson’ worked together during the school year 2015-2016 and consisted of the following people:

Researchers Radboud University 
Nicolo de Groot, Frank Filthaut, Melissa van Beekveld, Susanne Lepoeter en Remco Castelijn.

Primary schools
Montessorischool Westervoort: Marijke Weijland en Monique Schaminée.
Mariaschool Boven-Leeuwen: Danielle ten Bult en Astrid Lammers.


A number of activities have been developed for the theme The Higgs boson. The activities are concrete and detailed, so that they are easy to carry out in the classroom. Below you can find what activities there are and you can immediately download the materials you need for this activity.

Introductieactiviteit: EIN-o molecule - built up of atoms

Activiteit 1: Why the Higgs field gives mass

Activiteit 2: Why one experiment isn't enough: the dice experiment

Activiteit 3: Exploring the website Cernland

Activiteit 4: Establishing a knowledge bank about Higgs

Activiteit 5: Higgs attention table and related themes

Activiteit 6: Objective observation or 'The black box experiment'

Activiteit 7: Making a particle zoo

Activiteit 8: Particle zoo as a play

Activiteit 9: Acceleration eggsperiment

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